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Access & Edit Your Profile

Accessing Your Profile

  1. Click the Profile icon in the top-right corner of the page.

  2. Click the Edit Profile button. The Account Settings page appears. Use the Account Settings page to update your basic details and email preferences.

Updating Your Basic Details

  1. To change your profile picture, click on the Change button next to your current profile picture. Select a new image from your device and click Save Changes.

  2. You cannot edit your Name and Email address, as they are provided by your single-sign-on provider.

  3. To edit your phone number, click the Phone Number field. Enter your new phone number and click Save Changes.

Updating Your Email Preferences

To update your email preferences, click on the Email Settings section.

  1. Turn on the toggle adjacent to each email type to enable the kinds of email you want to receive.

  2. Set the Frequency of emails for each email type from the following options: Monthly, Weekly, Daily, or Instant.

  3. Enable or disable various Categories for each email type by selecting each category.

  4. You can test the email frequency by clicking on the Send Test Mail button at the top of the Email Settings section.

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