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  • Regology constantly monitors for relevant updates—tracking relevant bills, changes to laws and regulations, and updates from followed agencies

  • Alerts are primarily generated based on your law library and your alert settings. These are completely customizable, built during onboarding, and update-able at any time.

  • Alerts can be assigned to users and teams both manually and automatically through alert routing.

  • Users can sign up to receive notifications for all alerts in their system or for alerts relevant for them.

Navigating to Alerts

The Alerts page can be found in the left side navigation menu under Regulatory Intelligence. Click “Alerts” to visit the page:

Alert Types

Regology predominately tracks three main categories of alerts:

  • Bills: Displays all relevant bills to your account, based on your Law Library, selected keywords, and followed agencies.

  • Regulatory Changes: Displays all alerts generated from a change to your law library, highlighting the specific updates to laws, regulations, and other documents.

  • Agency Updates: Displays all updates from followed agencies, including News, Press Releases, Rules, Enforcement Actions, and more.

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