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April 2023 - 6.3 Release Notes.

Audits: RegAreas, Authoritative Documents, & Policies

As a user, you can now see the history of changes made to authoritative documents, policies, and RegAreas.


Side Panel Revamp: Law Library, Risks, & Controls

The revamped side panel features a standardized design with clear and concise labels for each section, providing a better user experience and to main consistency across the platform.

Advanced Search Update: Show in, Jurisdiction, & Master Data

The Advanced Search page has been redesigned to make it easier to update search parameters like Show In, Jurisdictions, and Master Data.

Display agency as Jurisdiction and Agency short name

The system now displays the jurisdiction of the agency along with its name clearly and concisely. The format used is the same as in the Filter panel to ensure standardization.

Add Search Results to Law Library

With this update, users will be able to add documents to the library from the Advanced Search, and Universal Search. The "Add to Library" button will appear when the user hovers over the required documents.

Saved views for My Work and RegAreas

Saved Views have been rolled out for My Work and RegAreas pages, allowing users to create, save, share, and pin customized views.

Filtering by Created Date

Users will be able to see the Created Date filter on the Alerts page, positioned below the Published Date filter. The Created Date filter will have the same format as the Published Date filter for consistency.

Dashboard Widget – Data Recency

Added a feature to display the last refreshed time in the widget's popover when the user hovers on the info icon.

Widget Update: Short codes for Jurisdictions

We have made improvements to several of our widgets, including Bills by jurisdiction and status, Alerts by jurisdiction by doc status, Agency updates by jurisdiction by doc status, and Bills by doc status. Included in this is showing the shortcode of the jurisdictions instead of the full name.

Reports now include Regology and customer logos, if uploaded.

Smart Functionality Added for Several Widgets

When a user clicks on any of the data in the “Regulatory Change by Topic” widget, it redirects to the corresponding page with the filters applied.

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