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April 2024 - 7. 3 Release Notes

We're excited to share with you the latest update, introducing a few new features and improvements aimed at enhancing your user experience and productivity. Here are a couple of highlights:

  • Seamless policy creation flow in Reggi

  • Customizable reports to export data using Saved Views

Seamless Policy Creation

Crafting policies is now more intuitive with Reggi's improved flow, making it as simple as setting up requirements and controls.

Enhanced Export Capabilities

Want to export Impact Assessments, Requirements, Risks, Tasks, or Reg Areas?  Now you can export this information directly from your Saved Views, which will function just like other platform areas.

Customizable Reports to Export

Great news for admins! You now have the power to customize and export reports just the way you like them.

  • Customize Reports: Add or remove details, such as attributes or fields, as needed.

  • Adjust Layout: Fine-tune the look of your reports by setting the width and height of columns and rows.

  • Simplified Naming for Clarity:

    • "Bulk/Import-export" was renamed to "Import/Export".

    • "Bulk Data" was renamed to "Onboarding".

Enhanced Citation Display

For better readability and context, citations within Reggi will now appear in a small, grayed, italicized font directly under the query.

Revamped Login Page

Your login page will look different now! 

Streamlined Filtering Experience

We made your read-only tasks quicker and more intuitive! The ‘Apply’ button has been removed from multi-select drop-downs.

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