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Audits and Activity Monitoring

Audit Overview

Activity monitoring is a feature that allows users to see all actions taken to an object. This feature is important in tracking when alerts were picked up, which compliance objects were updated, when law libraries were updated, and more. Note: Audit must be enabled in the Administration section of the platform.

Auditing Alerts

To audit an alert, click History on the Alert Summary View:

This will bring up all of the actions taken on the Alert:

Auditing Compliance Objects

To audit a compliance object, click on the “Last Modified” line underneath the object ID at the top left of the page:

  1. Click the compliance object name in the main menu to navigate to that page.

  2. Click to open the object that you want to audit.

  3. Click the link below the title of the task, which displays the last modified date and time.

  4. The Audit Log modal appears, listing the audit history of the task.

  5. For each audit event, the modal displays the following information:

    1. Time, date, and year when the change was made

    2. The old data of the field

    3. The new data of the field

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