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August 2023 - 6.7 Release Notes

RegIntel – Beta Rollout

RegIntel is a generative AI model that simplifies regulatory compliance by allowing users to ask natural language questions about what their regulatory requirements are across multiple jurisdictions and product lines. Learn more.

Notifications for Mentions

Users will receive a notification when they are mentioned on an object like Alerts, Risks, or Controls.

Updating Actions Menu + Exporting Saved Views

Actions are now tied directly to saved views and accessible via the three dots menu. Export is now available via this menu as well with Alerts and Compliance Objects like Controls, enabling you to export a Saved View and the corresponding data.

Filter by Impact Assessments

Users can now filter alerts by Impact Assessments, including all alerts with Impact Assessments, alerts with a specific Impact Assessment Status, and Impact Assessment IDs.

Law Library Enhancements

The following enhancements have been rolled out for the Law Library:

  • Authority documents with "Following" status can now have different invalid/valid statuses assigned to their child Authority documents.

  • Authority documents with valid statuses under a "Following" authority document are included in the Law Library.

  • A child authority document cannot be assigned a "Following" status if the parent authority document is assigned to a "Following" status.

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