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Creating a Compliance Run

Creating a Compliance Run

A new compliance run is created by clicking on the "Open Compliance Runs" icon on the top right corner of the Compliance Run screen and selecting "Create New.” The user needs to enter a name, the run period, and the validity period and set in the Applicability Scope section the master data items included in the compliance run.

Now all the controls that have the Location and other Applicability master data items will generate a Task, and the person(s) responsible for that location and the functional area will be set up as the Evidence Provider for that Task.

Each Evidence Provider is then notified via email of the evidence they need to provide and a task is created.

Laws, acts, regulations, decrees, or directives referred to as Regulations.

Viewing Compliance Run

In Regology, you have two options for viewing the compliance run:

  • List view: The compliance runs are displayed as a list.


  • Group View: The compliance runs are displayed as a group.


  • Individual Page Group View: The tasks for a Compliance Run can now be viewed grouped by the Control Object for which the tasks were created.


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