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Creating a Dashboard

Create your Dashboard

You can create a new dashboard in two ways: 

  • Using the Create New Dashboard button

  • By making a copy of an existing dashboard

Create a Dashboard Using the Create New Dashboard Button

To create a new dashboard:

  1. Click All Dashboards and click Create New Dashboard at the bottom of the options that appear.

  2. On the page that appears, enter a Name for your dashboard and specify a Description

  3. Click Add Widgets to specify the contents of your dashboard. The Add/Remove Widgets modal appears.

  4. Search and select widgets that you want to add to your dashboard.

  5. Once you select a widget, use the Switch Chart Type icon to change the chart type associated with your widget.

  6. You can also select a default time filter for your widget. 

    Note: The filter and chart type you select will be applicable only to your widget. This will not change the default settings for the widget appearing in a Regology-delivered dashboard.

  7. You can also delete unwanted widgets from your dashboard by clicking the red cross in the top-right corner. 

Resizing Dashboard Widgets

To change the size of a widget, select the Edit option and resize the widget by clicking and dragging the icon available in the bottom-right corner. 

While in Edit mode, you can drag any widget to change its position. 

Do not forget to click the Save Dashboard button to save your changes after you’re done. 

Your newly created dashboard now appears in the All Dashboards dropdown. 

Creating a Dashboard by Copying an Existing Dashboard 

To copy and update a Regology-delivered dashboard:

  1. Copy the existing dashboard using the Ellipsis > Make a Copy option, and edit the new copy. 

  2. Make changes to the dashboard as you would for any other custom dashboard.

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