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Creating Risks

Creating Risks from the Authoritative Document View

  1. Navigate to the required Authoritative Document and click the Risks icon in the right panel.

  2. Alternatively, select a certain section of text within the Authoritative Document. Click the Risks icon from the menu options that appear. 
    The Risks dialog appears:

  3. Click Assign Risk.

  4. Enter a search term in the Search and Add a Risk textbox to check if a similar Risk exists.

  5. If no matching results appear, click Create to create a new Risk.
    The Create Risk dialog appears:

  6. Click Select an existing Risk to search for an existing Risk.

  7. To create a new Risk, enter the Risk Name and Risk Description.

  8. In Exposure, do the following:

    1. Enter any Penalties that are associated with the Risk.

    2. Toggle Criminal charges as on/off based if the Risk has any associated criminal charges.

  9. Expand the Default dropdown to view the Assigned Owners and Risk Analysis for the selected document.

  10. Click Save & Close to create the Risk. Alternately, click Create Control to create a Control.
    The Risk is created and is displayed under Risks.

Creating Risks from the Risks List View

  1. Navigate to the Risks tab in the Compliance Management section of the Regology main menu.

  2. Click the Add Risk icon in the top-right section to add a new Risk.
    The Add New Risk modal appears:

  3. Enter a name, and description of the Risk in the fields provided.

  4. In Exposure, add the following:

    1. Penalty ($): Add a penalty for the Risk.

    2. Criminal Exposure: Select whether the Risk has any criminal exposure.

  5. Click Save.
    The Risk Details page appears.

  6. Verify the details entered earlier.

  7. In Risk Information, add the following:

    1. Risk Category: Select a category for the Risk.

    2. Risk Score: Select a score for the Risk, with 0 being No Risk and 5 being Very Strong. The Risk Rating appears automatically based on the Risk Score you select.

    3. Risk Workflow: Select a workflow for the Risk to identify whether the Risk is Done or still in progress.

  8. The changes made to the Risk are saved automatically.

  9. Click Back adjacent to Risk Details to go back to the Risks list view.
    The new Risk appears in the list.

The attributes under Risk Information are configurable. Contact your administrator for more details.

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