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December 2023 - 6.12 Release Notes


  • We've made Reggi even better with an improved answer engine and enhanced usability. You can also upload documents into the law library and perform Reggi queries on this newly-uploaded content.

  • Enjoy simpler alert management with new filtering options, and check out a cleaner, more adaptive display of alert titles.

Dive into the details below to explore the latest features.

Self-Service: Upload a Document to the Law Library 

Have new guidance or uncodified documents? You can now upload them into your law library using the “Add” button and extract requirements with Reggi to review the impact.

You can activate this feature under the Law Library configuration.

Answer Engine Improvements

Experience smoother and more consistent responses from Reggi.

Expanded Universal Search 

Universal search is expanded beyond Authoritative Documents to cover alerts and impact assessments. 

Instant Notifications

Get instant notifications on the type of changes or modifications made to the requirements and law library—and by whom.

Email Notifications for Mentions

Receive an email notification when a colleague mentions you in a comment on the platform. You can enable this email notification by going to “Email Settings” under your user profile.


  • New Filters in Widgets: We've introduced a "Master Data" filter for both the "Compliance Coverage" and "Alerts by Jurisdiction by Document Status" widgets. This new addition allows you to view and analyze data by specific topics, enhancing your ability to manage compliance coverage and jurisdictional alerts more efficiently.

  • Combined Service Level Agreement (SLA) Widget: To refine the clarity of our dashboards, alerts marked as 'Excluded' and 'Following' will no longer be included in the 'Closed' status determination within our SLA widget. This change ensures a more accurate and streamlined assessment of your compliance status.

Compliance Coverage widget:

Alerts by Jurisdiction by Document Status:

“Compliance Run” Functionality is Removed

The "Compliance Run” feature is no longer available for activation in the administration section. Due to the lack of user adoption, this functionality is removed.

Improved Alert Filtering

We have introduced a 'Show Only Unmapped' toggle to the Master Data filter in Alerts, helping you identify alerts not mapped to any master data.

List View Improvements for Requirements and Controls 

  • You can now sort the columns in both ascending and descending alphabetical order in the requirements list view. 

  • You can also search for controls mapped to multiple topics by enabling the 'Perform AND Search' toggle in the ‘Topic’ filter.

    Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 9.57.06 AM.png

Dynamic Alert Title Width Adjustment

Alert titles now adjust based on available screen space providing you with more information to process the alert.

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