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Enforcement Actions


Enforcement actions are actions that a department or authority takes to execute and drive compliance with applicable laws. These can include agreements, direct orders, penalty announcements, and so on. All organizations to whom these actions apply must comply with them.

Viewing Enforcement Actions

To view the latest alerts associated with enforcement actions, ensure that these are enabled within your account within the Administration section. To navigate to the Enforcement Actions page, click on the corresponding link in the left side navigation:

Deleting an Enforcement Actions Alert

To delete an Enforcement Actions Alert, hover over the corresponding alert to access the action icons and click the Delete icon:

Updating an Enforcement Actions Alert Status

You can also update the Enforcement Action Status using the Action controls. To update:

  1. Hover over the corresponding alert to access the action icons.

  2. Click the three-dot menu.

  3. Select the required status to update the Enforcement Actions alert.

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