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February 2024 - 7.1 Release Notes


  • Major improvements to Reggi: jurisdiction-specific queries; added Requirement and Control extraction, Performance improvements, and more! 

  • Enjoy a cleaner document upload process with the ability to edit content in real time. Effortlessly query the uploaded document using Reggi.

  • Set up Saved Views and share with all users of the platform.

Dive into the details below to explore the latest features.

Jurisdiction-Specific Queries

Reggi now offers a Jurisdiction Filter, allowing you to focus your search within a localized legal framework. This new feature ensures that the responses you receive are directly relevant to your chosen jurisdiction, making your research more targeted and efficient.

Direct Document Discovery

Looking for a specific document? Reggi's enhanced search function allows you to pinpoint the exact document before delving into a more detailed query. This saves you time and ensures you're working with the right information from the start.

Effortless Bill and Regulation Searches

Bill Search Made Easy: Simply type a bill reference (e.g., “CA Bill SB455”) in the search bar, head to 'Sources', and the information you need is at your fingertips.

Regulation Lookup: If you can’t remember the official regulation title, enter a common name like “Regulation Z” to swiftly locate the regulation you're researching.

Extracting Requirements or Controls

One of our most exciting updates is the ability to extract specific requirements or controls from any regulation. 

To save the results, just click on the 'copy' icon and seamlessly transfer the details to your clipboard, ready for use in your work.

Editing Documents in the Law Library

Want to edit the content while uploading a document, such as a proposed rule, into the law library? Upon uploading a document (PDF/Word), the system will convert it into text, and then you can easily refine and edit the displayed content as needed. You can also ask questions on the saved content using Reggi.

Sharing Saved Views with All Platform Users

If a saved view or search is shared with all groups or users in the system, and a new user is added later, they will automatically get access to the shared saved view/search. Additionally, when a Saved View and search are shared with a group, all future changes to the group, such as adding a new user or removing a user from the group, will be respected. Administrators can customize Regology-delivered views and configure them to meet the business needs and share them with the rest of the users.

Enhancements to Requirements 


Authoritative Document owners will receive a notification when a requirement is added to the AD.

Export in Requirements

Want to export the saved views in Requirements? Now you can export saved views in the Requirements section which functions just like other areas of the platform, ensuring a consistent and efficient experience.

Addition of Custom Attribute in Requirements for Missed Content in Citations 

We've added a new field – a custom attribute named "Content” in the Requirements section. This lets you add, view, and edit the content that is seen in the list view as well as included in the Excel export file.

Enhanced Document Viewing 

Experience the improvement! Earlier, when a document was in "Show more," navigating to it and trying to view it on the way back didn't keep the focus on the document. Now, the focus stays on the document even when it's within "Show more."

Routing Rules in Administration 

Check out the new rule! Admins can now route rules by alert category, jurisdiction, and master data for users/groups.

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