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June 2023 - 6.5 Release Notes

Introducing the Translation Button

  • Added a “Translation” button on the “Law Library” main page.

  • The button enables users to toggle between different languages available in the law library.

  • Enable Translation in Administration Section. By default, it will be disabled.

View Excluded Alerts

  • Added a new "Show Excluded Alerts" filter in the "Filter" section under the workflow status of the alerts interface.

  • Users can now easily access the excluded alerts by enabling this toggle.

  • The toggle filter is initially disabled by default.

Tagging Users in Reviews for Risks, Controls, and Authoritative Documents

  • Previously, users were tagged using their “Email ID” and “+” in reviews.

  • Users can now be tagged by simply typing "@" followed by their username.

    Authoritative Documents



Policies filter revamp

  • The filter panel in the “Policies” have been revamped for UI consistency.

Alerts – Show full document summary

  • Users can see the full document summary in the alerts.

Bug Fixes


Ticket Number




Fixed an issue where selected options in control are not persisting.



Fixed an issue where alerts 'Update view' button not showing/displaying when we reset owner filter in alerts saved view.


Fixed an issue where, when we open an alert, change the sub text of the loader which says 'loading authoritative documents



Fixed an issue where in authoritative documents, risks, controls search is not working in task.



Fixed an issue where owner field is not displayed in policies edit dialog.


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