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March 2023 - 6.2 Release Notes.

Regulatory Intelligence: Tracking Legislative Progression

A new feature called Regulatory Intelligence has been introduced, providing the ability to see how legislative and regulatory documents are related and to track legislative progression.


Users now have the ability to tag other users in comments on the alerts page, which is an improvement to the alerts feature.

Saved Views for Impact assessment (IA)

Saved Views have been rolled out for Impact Assessments, allowing users to create, save, share, and pin customized views.

New Filters in Alerts - Alert Topic Filter

We have introduced a new feature that allows users to filter alerts by topic. With this update, users can easily find relevant alerts based on their topic of interest, as well as Document Status and Workflow Status.

Setting Email Frequency for “Company Wide Controls” From Profile

Users can now subscribe to company-wide controls directly from the Email Settings page in their Profile. This update makes it easier for users to manage their email preferences and settings, including those that apply to their entire company.

Agency Feed Coverage Widget

A new widget has been introduced to display the different agency updates and overlay them across a coverage map, making it easy to see which types of feeds are most prevalent in each jurisdiction.

Additional Widget & Alert Updates

  • Following Workflow Status: We have added a new workflow status called Following to the Alerts by Workflow Status widget in dashboards.

  • Expanded Smart Functionality to Additional Widgets: Smart functionality allows users to select a data slice in the widget and navigate to the underlying data, and we have expanded support for smart functionality to the following widgets: Alerts by Owners, Alerts by Workflow Status, Alerts by Corpus, Alerts by Agency, Bills by Jurisdiction and Status, Bills by Workflow Status, Bills by Owners, Reg Changes by Workflow Status, Reg Changes by Owners, Reg Changes by Corpus, and Agency Updates by Owners and Workflow Status.

  • SLA Widgets: In order to provide better insight into the progress of alerts and impact assessments, we are introducing SLAs to the Time to Completion widgets. This will allow customers to flag items that are taking too long to complete.

  • Download individual widgets in CSV and png formats: Users can now download individual widgets in CSV and png formats. The CSV version of the widget will only download the table format of the widget.

Technical Details

Technical details have been added to authoritative documents, outlining:

  • When was the last scan for updates

  • When was it last modified

  • Estimated next fetch time

  • Document source

  • Disclaimers

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