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May 2023 - 6.4 Release Notes.

Legislative Progression Improvements: RegIntel Updates

  • Users can now view a summary of authoritative documents in a bottom panel by clicking on any of the nodes in the "RegIntel" network graph.

  • The bottom panel displays the document's transition/status, including bill history, summary, published date, effective date, version and agency, docket, status, and comments closing date.

  • Users can navigate to the respective document by clicking on the "Open document" button from the bottom panel.

Details of a rule published in the Federal Register

Bill History

Saving Views as a Read-Only User

"Read-only" users can create their own saved views in the system. However, they will not be able to share these views with other users.

Filter Panel Harmonization

The filter panel in the Law Library, Compliance Run, and Administration screens have been revamped for UI consistency.

Configuring Auto-expansion for Law Library

Users can configure the default depth (the "default depth" typically refers to the default level of depth at which a tree should be displayed or processed in a Law Library) of the Law Library for each master data type (e.g., topic). This can be done in the Master Data configuration under Administration.

By default, the depth value will be set to "0" for Master Data to disable the auto-expansion(Auto expansion of a law library is a term used to describe the automatic increase or expansion of the levels of the library's collection of the tree) when the user navigates to the Law Library.

Law library with default depth level 0

Dashboard and Widget Improvements 

Ability to pin and reorder dashboards

You can now Pin and Reorder dashboards. This feature functions in the same way as the pin feature in saved views for Alerts and My Work pages. 

These saved views are user specific and every user can reorder dashboards as per the user’s own preference.

The action items for a dashboard can be found under the three-dot menu next to the dashboard name.  

Pin View

The ‘All Dashboards’ dropdown has been moved to the right side.

Agency acronym display

To improve legibility, agency acronyms will be shown instead of agency names in agency-related widgets. 

Smart functionality added for Bills by Agency and all SLA widgets. 

You can now click on the data points in the Bills by Agency and SLA  widgets to navigate to the corresponding data. 

Widget Design Update 

All widgets have gone through a design update for a cleaner look. 

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