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May 2024 - 7.4 Release Notes

We're excited to share with you the latest updates, introducing a few new features and improvements to enhance your user experience and productivity. Here are a couple of highlights:

  • Improved skills navigation in Reggi

  • Additional filter support in the Law Library

  • Improved user experience in Enforcement Actions

  • Simplified bill downloading

Enhanced Skills Navigation

Dive into Reggi's skills directly from the homepage. A new layout allows for straightforward access to different out-of-the-box skills, such as summarizing an authority document, extracting draft requirements or controls, and conducting multi-jurisdictional research. 

Simply click on a skill, choose a jurisdiction or an authoritative document, and receive a response from Reggi. These skills focus on a specific regulation and accelerate your research and compliance tasks.

Enter your query to conduct Cross Jurisdiction Research. Scale up your research efforts by easily conducting surveys across all 50 states.

Additional Filter Support in Law Library 

Regardless of how you organize or visualize your law library, you can filter the content by topics or jurisdictions. This feature helps you access the authoritative documents relevant to your specific topic, jurisdiction, or a combination of both.

Revamped Enforcement Actions 

Experience a smoother, more intuitive interface in the Enforcement Actions module, complete with new features like Saved Views and Admin Pinning.

Easy Downloading of Bills

Downloading bills is now a breeze! Regardless of the content type, you can quickly download bills as PDFs with the newly added download button.

Improved Display of Impact Objects in Alerts

Alerts now provide a clearer view and better-organized information by removing the "Assign Impact" button and the "Tasks" tab, allowing you to focus on what matters most. You can concisely view the objects that may be affected by the incoming regulatory change alert.

Easy Access to Subscriptions

Non-admin users can now easily access information about subscribed jurisdictions, agencies, feeds, and repositories. Under the user icon, a new menu item called 'System Scope' leads you directly to your Subscriptions Overview, where you can view your subscriptions.

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