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November 2023 - 6.11 Release Notes

Reggi’s Requirement Generation and Suggestions

You can now access Reggi's improved features in the Law Library and Authoritative Documents, including requirement extraction and non-compliance penalties. Simply click the purple icon to get recommended questions or initiate queries directly within a document for context-specific answers.

Ask follow-up questions in the same window to maintain context from previous queries. 

You can also use Reggi as you’re reviewing authoritative documents. To help Reggi narrow down the context and provide better answers, click on the Reggi icon next to the document title and ask questions related to that document.

Reggi’s Enhanced Accessibility and Query Handling

The Reggi button is now always visible, even when the Reggi panel is open. Additionally, you can ask questions even when previous ones are in progress.

Enhanced Document Summary View

Enjoy a better format of the summary with enhanced details, such as: 

  • Whom  the summary applies to

  • What it governs

  • What the exemptions are

  • Related penalties

Copy the summary by clicking on the copy button in the top right corner.

Email Frequency and Timing Enhancements

Expect weekly emails on weekends and monthly emails on the 28th. All email notifications are sent at 1 PM UTC.

Default Landing Page in Saved Views

Set up your default landing page in the alerts section; admin-pinned views will take precedence.

Enhanced Alert Descriptions 

For better readability, alert previews are now displayed in two lines.

Shortcodes for User Groups

As an administrator, you can assign concise codes for user groups. To distinguish between individual users and user groups, it is advised to utilize a three-letter code (e.g., "TES") for user groups and a two-letter code (e.g., "PK") for individual users.

User Email Preference for Administrator

As an admin, you can now manage email subscriptions for your team members to ensure that they receive information at the appropriate frequency.

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