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  • Bring Authoritative Documents, Risks, Controls, owners, and policies corresponding to a topic under a single unit called RegArea.

  • View and create RegAreas.

RegArea is where all aspects of a Regulatory Compliance Program are saved. RegArea contains Authoritative Documents, individual regulatory requirements, the people responsible for making changes to the RegArea, and the business and compliance objects that form part of a Regulatory Compliance Program.

To get started, click RegAreas in the main menu:

Viewing Audit History of a RegArea

To view the audit history of a RegArea:

  1. Open the page associated with the RegArea.

  2. Click the link below the title of the RegArea, which displays the last modified date and time.

  3. The Audit Log modal appears, listing the audit history of the RegArea.

For every update made to a RegArea, audit records display the following information:

  • The time, date, and year when the change was made

  • The old data

  • The updated data

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