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Reggi Release Notes

February 2024

  • Support for jurisdiction filter added

  • Enhanced search function to pinpoint the exact document before delving into a more detailed query

  • Bill Search Made Easy: Type a bill reference (e.g., “CA Bill SB455”) in the search bar

  • New skill (Controls Extraction) added

January 2024

  • Performance improvements - Faster requirements generation

November 2023

  • Requirement Generation and Suggestions

  • Enhanced Document Summary View

October 2023

  • Access Reggi from Law Library (Enterprise customers)

  • Access Reggi from Authoritative Documents

  • Law Library Document Summaries

  • Bill Alerts Summary

  • A new “Copy” icon allows you to effortlessly copy information from Reggi's responses.

September 2023

  • RegIntel has been rebranded to Reggi

August 2, 2023

  • Support for follow-up questions - Context will be carried over from previous questions

  • Displays a message for unsupported jurisdictions

  • Grouping citation sources. E.g. at a chapter level. You can ask subsequent questions for a parent level such as chapter.

July 26, 2023

  • Summarize the response when the prompt has the intent to summarize. If the response says the number of documents found, you can ask the system to summarize by adjusting the prompt. E.g. Summarize virtual currency regulations

July 21, 2023

  • Incremental display of results. Performance improvements to speed up the display of results in an incremental way.

July 17, 2023

  • Reggi public beta release.

Frequently asked questions

Which jurisdictions are supported?

Currently, we support the US and 50 states. We will extend the support to other jurisdictions in the coming months.

What are known limitations?
  • Research is currently restricted to the US

  • Currently, there is limited support for bills and enforcement actions

  • No support for multi-jurisdiction queries. E.g. Gaming license renewal dates for California and Arizona

  • Some types of queries take a bit longer to respond - General purpose queries; Queries involving large chapters. E.g. What are the requirements of 31 CFR Part 1020

  • Limited support for product standards such as SOC2, ISO

Is ther a rate limit on how many queires that I can perform per day or month?

Currently, there is no rate limit per user.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

Refer to Terms of Use ( )

Can existing customers with professional and enterprise licenses be able to use RegIntel feature?

Yes. Additional scenarios are on the way. The below scenarios will be offered exclusively for professional and enterprise users.

  • Ability to perform a RegIntel query from the Law Library

  • Summaries for authority documents

  • Regulatory change alert summaries
    and much more …

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