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Right Panel Functionalities in Risks

Understanding the Right-Panel Functionalities

To view the right-panel functionalities of a Risk:

  1. Navigate to the Risks tab in the Compliance Management section of the Regology main menu.
    The list view of Risks appears:

  2. Click on a Risk to view its details.
    The Risk Details page appears:

  3. You will see the following options in the right panel:

    • Compliance Status: Set the compliance status.

    • Assigned Owners: View and assign owners.

    • Applicability: View and set the applicability map.

    • Policies & Procedures: Map policies and procedures.

    • Related Documents: Attach related documents.

    • Controls: View and add controls.

    • Authoritative Documents: View and assign Authoritative Documents.

    • Reviews & Comments: Add comments.

Setting the Compliance Status

  1. In the right panel of a Risk, click the Compliance Status icon.
    The Status dialog appears:

  2. Click and set the status to any of the following options:

    • No control: Indicates that the Risk has no Controls.

    • No control required: Indicates that the Risk requires no Controls.

    • Control defined: Indicates that the Risk has defined Controls. 

Viewing and Assigning Authoritative Documents

  1. In the right panel of a Risk, click the Authoritative Documents icon.
    The Authoritative Documents dialog appears:

  2. If the Risk has any Authoritative Document that is assigned, it is displayed in the dialog.

  3. To assign an Authoritative Document, click Assign Authoritative Document.

  4. Search for an Authoritative Document.

  5. Select the required document from the matching suggestions.
    The Authoritative Document is attached to the Risk.

Adding Comments

  1. In the right panel of a Risk, click the Reviews & Comments icon.
    The Reviews dialog appears:

  2. Enter the comment in Add Comment.

  3. To assign the comment to a user, type + followed by the username. 

  4. Select the required username from the suggestions.

  5. Select Assign to <username>.

  6. Click Save to add the comment and assign the associated task to another user.

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