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Saved Views

Creating a Saved View

Saved views are a powerful tool that allow users to save a filter and see only the data relevant for a particular parameter or topic. This feature is available for Alerts, Dashboards, Risks, Controls, and Policies.

To get started, select a Filter parameter:

Then click Save to View. You will see a popup with a field to enter the Name:

Click Save to View to save your work. Your saved View will now be accessible under the drop down Saved Views:

Pinning, Sharing, and Updating Saved Views

  1. Click on the "Action" button (three dots) that appears on the right side of the saved view.

  2. A drop-down menu will appear with the following options:

    • Pin/Unpin: This option allows you to pin and unpin the saved view as a tab at the top of the platform. A maximum of four saved views can be pinned.

    • Share: This option allows you to share the saved view with other users.

      • Enter the name of the users you want to share the view with and choose their access level (Editor or Viewer).

      • If you choose "Editor" access, you can add users who can edit and view your saved view.

      • Click on the "Share" button to share the view.

    • Make a Copy: This option allows you to make a copy of the saved view with a new name.

    • Rename: This option allows you to rename the saved view.

    • Delete: This option allows you to delete the saved view.

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