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September 2023 - 6.9 Release Notes

RegIntel has been rebranded to Reggi

Our generative AI has been renamed from RegIntel to Reggi and is now available for all users on the platform.

Enhanced Alert Filtering by Agency Feeds

  • We’ve introduced the ability to filter by "Agency Feeds" within Alerts

  • Find specific feeds by entering agency names or URLs associated with those feeds.

Saved View - Default Landing Page

Admins can now pin and reorder saved views for other users and groups. When this is done, the first reordered view will become the default landing page for all users.

Dashboard Sharing Functionality

Share Dashboards with specific users or groups, assigning them Editor or Viewer access. Sharing ability limited to Admins.

My Work Dashboard

Use the My Work dashboard to view a high-level summary of all work assigned to you.

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