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Tasks allow you to ask other users for more information on artifacts such as Authoritative Documents, Risks, Controls, and so on. If a Task is assigned to you, you receive an email alert notifying you of the Task. You can view your assigned tasks on the Tasks page and take appropriate action on tasks, such as providing a response or uploading documents.

Tasks in Regology are of various types, such as annotations, current states, and evidence requests. You can generate these Tasks from multiple objects. Each Task has an Owner, Status, Descriptions, Due Dates, and Notes. You can map any Task to Risks, Authoritative Documents, and organizational data.

Use Tasks to:

  • Review Authoritative Documents and collaborate with your team members.

  • Collaborate with your team on Risks and Controls.

  • Conduct compliance runs to prove compliance to the Controls.

  • Work with your team on Control enhancement opportunities.

Your ability to work on Tasks depends on the access permissions associated with your account. If you have been assigned a Task but cannot access the required functionalities, contact your administrator.

Functionalities Supported by Tasks

  • Every object in the Regology system (Authoritative Document, Risk, Control) supports Annotation. You can create Tasks from Annotations and assign them to individuals.

  • Recipients of a Task can enter responses to Tasks. The recipient can also upload supporting evidence to assigned task. For details on how to respond to a task, see Responding to a Task.

  • Task assigners can review Task responses, enter a description, set the status, and request the recipient to upload evidence that the task is complete.

  • Task assigners can review the uploaded evidence.

  • An updated and reviewed Task status can be set to Closed, and the Task is then considered complete.

  • Depending on the configuration, you can view the Task summary on the homepage dashboard.

  • You can also send email notifications to remind users of open Tasks. Once configured by the administrator, users can receive timely email alerts that contain Task summaries and open Tasks.

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