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Technical Configuration

Technical Configuration

Click Technical Configuration to expand the menu. Use this section to perform the following tasks:

  • Configure file upload settings

  • Configure user session settings

File Upload Configuration

To configure file upload settings:

  1. Click Technical Configuration > File Upload Configuration.
    The File Upload Configuration page appears.

  2. Select the Allowed File Types from the list provided. Users will only be able to upload only the file types you list out here, into Regology.

  3. Set Maximum File Size as desired. Users will not be able to upload files with a size greater than the size specified here.

Changes made to these settings are saved automatically.

User Session Configuration

To configure user session-related settings:

  1. Click Technical Configuration > User Session.
    The User Session page appears.

  2. Click the User Session Idle Time > Inactivity Period drop-down list to specify the duration of inactivity after which users must be automatically logged off the platform.

  3. Use the Incorrect Password Threshold to specify the number of times that users can attempt to log in using incorrect passwords. Once this threshold is reached, the account will be locked, and users will have to contact the administrator to unlock the account.

Changes made to these settings are saved automatically.

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