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Understanding Widgets

Widget Actions 

Widgets are the charts and tables available within Dashboards to see all data within Regology. This page outlines some of the major functionality associated with widgets.

Time Filter

By default, a dashboard displays data associated with the last 90 days. Use the Date Range field on the upper-right side of the dashboard to select another time filter.

If time filters are not applicable to data in a dashboard, there is no Date Range drop-down provided on that widget. 

Use the Custom Date option to view data for a very specific date range. 

You can apply any date range from the last 1 year. 

Switching Chart Types

Everyone has a different preference for looking at and understanding data. With the Switch Chart Type functionality, you can switch between various chart types. 

If the dashboard you’re on was created by you or your team, you can also switch the default chart type in the Edit mode of the dashboard. To do so, click on the ellipsis icon in the top-right corner of the widget and select Switch Chart. Choose from the chart type options that appear. 

Note: You can switch chart types for Regology-delivered dashboards, but if you leave or refresh the page, the default chart type reappears. 

Additional Filters

For certain widgets, such as Alerts by Document Status, additional filter options have been added. This widget has additional filters for selecting alert types and workflow statuses.

Whenever these additional filters are available, they appear adjacent to the date filter. 

Exporting Widgets

Use the exporting widget options to download the data associated with a widget as PNG or CSV.

To download the data associated with a widget, click the Ellipsis in the top-right corner of the widget and select Download and specify the format in which you want to download the data. 

If you are on a map widget and select the PNG option, a copy of the map is downloaded to your system. 

When you choose the CSV option, the data on the widget is downloaded. The data you download is organized exactly as it is in your widget. The graphical view is not available in CSV formats. 

Sharing Widgets

When you share a widget, even users who do not have access to Regology can view it. Users who do have access can also drill down from the data in the widget to view additional details.

Users who do not have access to Regology can use their Google ID to log into Regology and view the widget.

To share a widget with another user, click the Ellipsis icon in the top-right corner of the widget and select Copy Link. A link to the widget is copied to your clipboard. You can paste and share this link with anyone. 

You can apply any filters to the widget, and when you copy the link to the widget, the filtered data alone is made available to users with the link.  

Regology Delivered Dashboards 

Regology has provided some default dashboards for your convenience. You can find these dashboards by clicking on the All Dashboards dropdown at the top of the Dashboards page and selecting the dashboard you want to view. 

Use these pre-curated dashboards to quickly discover the different widgets provided in the application. 

You can also see a list of these dashboards in the View All page. All pre-curated reports are stored under the System Report category.

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