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Universal Search

Getting Started with Universal Search

Use Universal Search to find quickly find Authoritative Documents. This field is available in the top-right section of all pages in Regology except for the Advanced Search page.

To get started, type in a title, keywords, or citation. As you enter text, related results appear.

Quick search options

  • Use the Document Type and Jurisdiction filters to find exactly what you need.

  • Regology enables you to search for the following document types:

    • Bills

    • Laws

    • Regulations

    • Other Publications

  • The Jurisdictions drop-down lists only those jurisdictions that your administrator enabled for your organization. Select specific jurisdictions to see search results associated only with them.

  • Turn on the Limit to Law Library toggle to look for a word/document that you know Is present in your law library. This will help you get to your document faster.

  • If an Authoritative Document is in your law library, an In Library tag appears adjacent to it on hover. If it’s not in your library, an Add to Library button appears.

Use Advanced Search to specify more detailed criteria for your search.

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