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User Administration

User Administration

Click the User Administration expandable section to manage users and groups in Regology.

  • Manage users

  • Manage groups

Managing Users

To manage users who have access to Regology:

  1. Click Users in the User Management expandable section.

  2. To add a new user, click the Add User button.

  3. Enter the user’s Name and Email ID in the fields provided.

  4. Select the Identity Provider that you plan to use to authenticate the user.

  5. Select the user’s Role.

  6. Select Email instructions to user to email steps to log in to the user.

  7. Click Cancel at any time to discard any unsaved changes.

  8. Click Save to update the user records.

  9. Use the Download button to download the user’s data.

Action Buttons

Regology enables you to perform the following user management tasks:

  • Manage email notifications

  • Edit user

  • Lock / unlock users

  • Delete users

Managing Email Notifications History

To configure the frequency of email notifications history:

Click the Email Notifications icon and adjust the Status, Type, and Date settings as required.

Editing User Details

To edit a user, click the Edit User icon corresponding to the user whose details you want to update. The Edit User modal appears. Update user details as required, and click Save Changes.

Locking / Unlocking Users

Use the Lock icon to lock / unlock users as required. Click Yes in the warning message that appears.

Locked users cannot access Regology until you unlock them.

Note: Locking a user does not delete a user or delete data associated with their history.

Deleting Users
  1. Click the Delete icon to delete a user.
    The Migrate & Delete User modal appears. Use this modal to migrate data associated with the user that you want to delete to another user to ensure that no important data is lost.

  2. Select the user to whom you want to transfer this user’s data.

  3. Click the Migrate & Delete User button.

Filtering Users

To filter users, follow these steps:

Click the Filter menu in the top-right section of the page. The Filters side panel appears.
The Filters side panel enables you to filter users or groups by name, role, and account status.

Filtering Users by Name

Use the Users/Groups options to filter the users/groups that you want to see by name.

Filtering Users by Role

To filter users by role, select the roles that you want to use to filter the list of users.

Filtering Users by Account Status

To filter users by account status, select the account statuses that you want to use to filter the list of users.

Managing Groups

To manage user groups created in Regology:

Click Groups in the User Management expandable section. The Manage Groups page appears.

Creating Groups

To create a group:

  1. Click New Group. The Create Group modal appears.

  2. Enter the Group Name.

  3. Use the Add/Remove People field to search and select the users that must be added to the group.

  4. Click Cancel at any time to discard any unsaved changes.

  5. Click Save Changes.

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