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Working with Requirements

Creating Saved Views for Requirements

Save a set of preferred filters, so you can quickly return to them when you revisit the Requirements page.

To create a saved view:

  1. Use filters to list out requirements that you are interested in.

  2. Click Save to View next to the Filters button.

  3. Give your saved view a name using the Save to View modal that appears.

 The saved view now appears as a separate tab on the requirements page.

Optimizing the Requirements List View

You can adjust your view and layout settings for a more personalized interface. Use the Resize Grid button in the upper-right corner to expand the requirements view and resize the columns in the saved view.  

Use the Layout Settings button to save or reset the layout.

Right-Side Panel: Tools for Requirement Management

When you open a requirement, Regology displays a range of options on the right-hand side available to manage this requirement. Click the Expand icon to view these options in detail.


Assign and update the status of each requirement.


Assign and manage owners of each requirement by using the Search field.


Link requirements to relevant areas or functions. Expand the Mappings panel, search and select areas where this mapping is applicable.

Click on Add to Mapping to add.

Policies & Procedures

Connect existing policies or upload new ones, detailing all the necessary information. Click the Attach button to search and add policies and procedures related to the requirement, or click the Upload button to add and attach a new policy.

In the Upload a Policy modal:

  1. Provide a Title for the document.

  2. Optionally, search and add an Owner to the document.

  3. Enter a Description of the document.

  4. Specify the Effective Date and Uploaded Date of the document.

  5. Click and specify the Document Type.

  6. If the document is hosted on a web-based server, provide the URL, or browse and select the PDF from your computer.

  7. Click Save.

To choose a policy that already exists, simply click on the "Select an Existing Policy" button. This action will bring up the Upload Policy modal for further steps.


To manage risks associated with a requirement follow these steps:

  1. Click the Risks dropdown in the right-hand panel.

  2. Click the Assign Risk button. This will present you with various options for linking risks to the requirement.

  3. To choose a risk that has already been uploaded to Regology, use the Search and Add a Risk field. If you want to introduce a new risk, select the Create option.

  4. To select a risk that is already in the system, click on the Select an Existing Risk button. This action will bring up the “Assign Risk” modal.

  1. Click Save.


To manage controls for a requirement in Regology follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Controls dropdown in the right-hand panel.

  2. Select the Assign Control button to reveal options for linking controls to the requirement.

  3. Use the Search and Add a Control field to select controls already uploaded to Regology, or click Create to add a new control.

  4. For using a control that is already in the system, click on the Select an Existing Control button. This action will open the “Assign Control” modal.

  1. Click Save.

Review & Comments

The Review & Comments section in Regology is designed for collaborative feedback and discussion on requirements. Here's how to use it:

Viewing Comments

Expand the Review & Comments section to see all comments associated with a specific requirement.

Responding to Comments

If you wish to reply to a comment, you can do so directly within this section, facilitating timely and relevant discussions.

Adding New Comments

To contribute a new comment, type your message in the Add comment text box.

Once your comment is ready, click the Save/Send icon to post it.

My Work Page for Requirement Tracking

You can use My Work Requirements page to view and manage the requirements that you own.

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