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Alert Types

Alert Types

Regology predominately tracks three main categories of alerts:

  • Bills: Displays all relevant bills to your account, based on your Law Library, selected keywords, and followed agencies.

  • Regulatory Changes: Displays all alerts generated from a change to your law library, highlighting the specific updates to laws, regulations, and other documents.

  • Agency Updates: Displays all updates from followed agencies, including News, Press Releases, Rules, Enforcement Actions, and more.


Bill-related alerts are generated when:

  • Bills that propose changes to laws in your law library are introduced.

  • Bills that match your search criteria are introduced or their status changes.

  • The status of bills that you decided to track changes.

To get started, click on the Bills sub-tab on the Alerts page. Bills can be grouped by Jurisdiction, Agency, or No Grouping.

Regulatory Changes

Regulatory change alerts are generated for:

  • Changes to a rule, regulation, or statute within your law library

  • Links between a change and a rule, regulation, or statute within your law library

  • Changes to a regulation from a subscribed agency

  • New statutes that impact your law library

  • New regulations that impact your law library

  • Regulations with the status of Final Rule are published in the Federal Register by an agency you follow.

  • A regulation that impacts your Law Library with the status Proposed Rule is published in the Federal Register.

  • There is an update to a proposed regulation that you follow.

To navigate to the regulatory changes tab, click on the Regulatory Changes sub-tab:

Agency Updates

Agency update alerts are generated when:

  • A new update appears in a feed to which you are subscribed.

  • A new update appears from a feed to which you are subscribed, and where a keyword matches.

The Agency Updates subtab under the Alerts tab displays a dynamic list of alerts belonging to a user account.

To navigate to the Agency Updates tab, click on the Agency Updates sub- tab:

Prioritizing Alerts

Regology filters alerts when:

  • There is a (proposed) change to an Authoritative Document you consume.

  • A new Authoritative Document is introduced that may be relevant for your specifics as a user.

  • An Agency has published new guidance.

Here are the color codes that Regology uses to prioritize alerts:

  • Red: Very High

  • Red: High

  • Orange: Medium

  • Blue: Low

  • Blue: Very Low

The Alerts tab has the following sub-tabs. Click on each to learn more.

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