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Regulatory Change Management


The Regulatory Change Management module provides access to the laws, regulations, bills, and updates relevant to your company and team. The core components of the Regulatory Change Management Module are:

  • Alerts – Receive regulatory change alerts based on custom presets such as jurisdiction, agency, or law library, or news feeds.

  • Law Library – Organize relevant authoritative documents by Topic, Jurisdiction, Product, or any customer hierarchy depending on your business needs.

  • Authoritative Document view – View and collaborate on authoritative documents enriched by the Regology AI. 

  • Enforcement Actions – Up-to-date enforcement actions from leading regulators.

  • My Interests – Personalized alerts, allowing you to search through specific bills, regulatory changes, and agency updates.

  • Jurisdiction Research – Research a regulatory landscape of a jurisdiction, or browse a corpus available within that jurisdiction.

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